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The components of an MRI system

The components of an MRI system

MRI scanners vary in size and shape, and some newer models have a greater degree of openness around the sides. Still, the basic design is the same,but the components are improving and liquid Helium problem is now overcome.
High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) magnet can support to get MRI without liquid Helium, which is now decreasing in volume and elevating in price. This machine operates at 20 K.
Most of MRI usage for examining brain disease, which is important in the clinical practice as well as neuroscience.
We provide complete helium free MRI for head imaging system with 3.0T aiming to be environmentally and socially sustainable.

company profile

Company Name Kyoto Future Medical Instruments Inc.
Date of Establishment May 19, 2015
Head Office 15, Shimogamo-morimoto-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Scope of Business
  • Manufacture, sales and lease of medical equipment.
  • Sales and lease of imported medical equipment.
  • R&D, analysis and evaluation of medical equipment.
  • Technical and consulting services for medical equipment.
  • Property management: Leasing, buying and selling real estate
Contact Address Kyoto Future Medical Instruments Inc.
Research Institute for Production Development,
15 Shimogamo-morimoto-cho, Sakyo-ku,
Kyoto 606-0805 JAPAN

Phone / Fax: +81-75-724-5355
E-mail: info@kfmi.jp


Board Members

President CEO Hidenao Fukuyama
Board Director Michihisa Kyotoh
Board Director / General Manager Eiji Itoh
Board Director Kazuhiko Hayashi
Auditor Yasuo Matsuda
Technical Advisor Hector Sanchez Lopez